Cookies and data stored in the browser

This article summarizes how iAdvize uses cookies and what data is collected about your visitors.

1. How does iAdvize use cookies?

  • You install the iAdvize tag on the pages of your website, which allows the activation of the main iAdvize cookie
  • in the iAdvize administration, you set up your conversation strategy, including targeting rules
  • iAdvize analyzes the behavior of visitors to present them with notifications, according to the parameters set by these targeting rules
  • the main iAdvize cookie allows the conversation to take place (continuity of the conversation between pages, memorization of the conversation history)
  • 2 other cookies can be used to track transactions.

2. The list of our visitors' cookies



Period of validity

Essential for the proper functioning of iAdvize

Submitted for consent


This cookie registers the consent (or not) to the use of other cookies.

12 months or less

Yes, in case of consent from the chatbox



This cookie generates a unique visitor ID (vuid) + identification of the device (deviceId), allowing the continuity of the conversation and, if the "strong authentication" feature is activated, a token (jwtIdentity). 

12 months or less


Yes, at least for the conversation to take place



These cookies record the transaction if users have integrated the transaction tag to track it. They disappear once the transaction is done.

7 days or less




This other transaction cookie links transactions to campaigns conducted with iAdvize.

7 days or less




3. What does iAdvize do with the collected data?

  • iAdvize uses cookies to store information in the browser of site visitors, solely for the purposes mentioned above

  • iAdvize uses only the cookies mentioned above, and does not use any external library that may deposit other cookies

  • The information collected is limited to a unique, anonymized visitor ID and to the data that our users want to keep in iAdvize, whether automatically transmitted or entered by a user (such as a visitor's first and last name or contact information)

  • Only iAdvize and its authorized users have access to this information. It is not shared with any third party, and iAdvize does not sell any data

More information about iAdvize and cookies in our main article and in our article about consent from the chatbox.