Web storage and duration of active sessions - AOB

When an Internet user visits one of your websites, depending on the strategy you have set up, cookies may be set to allow us to display or not display a button to the visitor so that he can start a conversation with iAdvize.

1. How our technology works

  • You create your campaigns and your conversational strategy on the iAdvize Admin
  • According to certain criteria, relating either to the navigation of the visitor on the site, to his time spent, to his behaviour on the site, we will be able to display/ or not a conversation button
  • IAdvize must deposit one or more cookies with the visitor to display access to a conversational panel to identify these different behaviours.

2. Our different cookies and their qualification

  • iadvize-SID_NUMBER-vuid uniquely identifies the user and allows personalising the display and conversation with a visitor depending on its browsing on your site.

3. The iAdvize data stored in the browser

3.1 What type of data is installed by iAdvize

iAdvize uses cookies to store information in the browser of people using the platform.

NB: Only iAdvize cookies are saved. In addition, no external libraries that may set cookies other than iAdvize's are used. iAdvize does not resell any data.

3.2 What information is collected by this data?

Only a unique identifier and data that our customers want to store within our platform, whether it is automatically transmitted or typed by an agent (first and last name of the visitor or contact details).

3.3 Who has access to the information collected?

Only you and iAdvize. No data is shared with third parties.

3.4 Find below a table to recap cookie use

Browser Visitor
Variable Description Storage method Expiration date
iadvize-SID_NUMBER-vuid Unique Visitor ID
(generate by iAdvize)
Cookie < 1 year
ConversionBundle* Only in case of a transaction made by the visitor, to record the transaction. It disappears once the transaction has been completed Cookie < 7 days
IsStorageAvailable Technical cookie to test if a cookie can be set, only when iAdvize cookies are set as third party cookies Cookie 10 secondes

*The deposit of this cookie is subject to the integration of the conversion tag by the client

Browser Agent
Variable Description Storage method Expiration date
access_token Platform ID Cookie 1 day
refresh_token Platform ID Cookie 1 day
platform iAdvize platform (SD, HA) Cookie 1 day
phpsessid The ID of the current session Cookie Only during the browsing session

4. The duration of active sessions

4.1 On the administration

An active session on the iAdvize administration lasts 20 minutes. If administrators/managers are inactive for more than 20 minutes, they will automatically be disconnected and redirected to the administration login page.

4.2 On the conversation panel

An active session on the conversation panel is limited for 24h, then they will automatically be disconnected and redirected to the login page

4.3 On the live chat (display of iAdvize on the website side)

If you are still using the old chatbox, an active session on the live chat lasts 30 minutes.
As soon as visitors perform actions on iAdvize contact elements (reducing a contact button, closing an invitation, etc) and/or initiate a chat conversation, the history of their actions and messages exchanges are saved and accessible for 30 minutes. Then, they are reset.