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Multisites reports & filters

What's up ?

In order to respond to your needs to handle several websites, iAdvize will now enable you to get multisites statistics reports.

Once you are connected to the iAdvize administration and if you click on "Reports", you will now find a filter to select one or several websites. 

To do so, please select the report you want to display :

You can select the websites for which you would like to get the statistics in the tab "Project" (1) and filter by channel (1 channel or all of them) in the tab "channel" (2) and choose the time frame (3).  

In the tab "Compare by" (4), you will find the usual filters : Agents, Group, Contact topic, Rule, Type of page. 

Don't forget to validate by clicking on "Apply filters" (5) : 

An agent will only be taken into account once, even if he is assigned to several websites. 

Here is the list of the indicators that are currently available : 

  • Contacts
    • Activity
      • Initiated contacts
      • Click-Through-Rate
      • Impressions
      • Triggered
      • Average Handle Time
    • Reactiveness
    • Opportunities
  • Sales
    • Activity 
  • Satisfaction

Some statistics are not available for multisites statistics (for instance Productivity reports). 

Here is the message that you will see when an indicator isn't available :