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Add a new website

By default, you receive a tag for one single website. Then, you can add more websites and install iAdvize on it. Please note that these websites must be included in your subscription, otherwise you will not be allowed to add one or more sites (contact your account manager for more information).

1/ Add a new website
2/ Get your iAdvize tag

1/ Add a new website

Once connected to iAdvize :

  • You have access to the administration. Click on the «Profile» (1) icon on the top-right corner of the page and then on the «Projects» (2) icon. 
  • After that, click on the '+' button (3) on the top-right corner. 



Enter the name of the website (1), its URL link (2), time zone (3) and the currency you want (4). Then click on «Save». That's it, you've created your new website!

Repeat this action if you want to add other websites.

Warning: The url must not be too restrictive in order to work on all your pages. Just enter the domain name and its extension (ex: without the protocol (http:// ou https://) and "www". 

2/ Get your iAdvize code

To get your Javascript code, click on the « Insert this script » link.


Copy this code and insert it on your new website.


For more informations about the iAdvize installation please read the following article "Install the iAdvize solution on your site in 5 minutes"