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Access to my reports

Once logged in to the iAdvize administration, you will find your usual statistics reports by clicking on "Reporting" at the top of the main menu.

There, you can also find conversation histories (chat & call) as well as the supervision which allows you to monitor your agents' activity in real-time :


The "Report" and "Project" sections allow you to filter your data.

With some of our indicators, you can gather the statistics of several websites. 

    • Contacts
      • Activity
        • Contacts
        • Response rate
        • Display*
        • Triggered*
        • AHT
      • Responsiveness
      • Opportunities
    • Sales
      • Activity (except TO after contact/hour)
    • Satisfaction
    • Customer Experience
    • Conversation
    • Call meeting

* : To more more about these indicators, please consult the Glossary.

You can also have access to the reports via the Quick Access.
When you are browsing tabs on the main menu, you can see icons appear for the reports you consult the most. This way, you can have access to these reports more quickly.