Set up Twitter

1. Channel activation

To use Twitter, you should have the channel activated in your iAdvize account. Please contact your CSM if it isn't already done. 


2. Twitter synchronization

Add your Twitter account directly in the iAdvize administration by this way : 

Engagement > Settings > Twitter > Add a new account 


You'll be redirected on a Twitter page where you should fill in your login and your password. 
Several Twitter accounts could be synchronized in a same iAdvize website account, but you have to add them one by one to the interface. 

3. Activate 3rd party channels expertise 

The last step consist to add the 3rd party channels expertise to your agents who have to answer to Twitter messages. 


And add the project where the rules and the social accounts are synchronized. So, this requires that the user has the correct site associated in his "Expertise" field.


4. Create a campaign for social and 3rd party channels

First of all, the creation of a campaign dedicated to the channel is necessary. Go to the following path: Engagement > Campaign > Click on Create a targeting campaign




  • Then you just need to define a name for your campaign. For example : "Twitter"
  • Then select the desired channel in the Social Networks area : here Twitter


  • Save to proceed to the next step : Campaign objective
  • Select an objective for this campaign

5. Create a listening rule

Automatic rule 
 When a Twitter account is synchronized, an automatic rule is created* and contains those criteria : 
 Tweet content : @brand + Answer to the Twitter account : brand
 Warning: pay attention of the dual rules creation following a new synchronization of the Twitter account via iAdvize. One synchronization = one automatic rule.  

But you can create a rule manually. Once you have selected the objective of your campaign, you will proceed to the step of creating a listening rule. Click on "Create a rule".




Condition Settings Value Comment
Message content Match with wildcards / Does not match with wildcards Text The value can be used with * to expend it. Example : *bio* will also return antibiotic.
Message type Is / Is not A message within the list Tweet / Private Twitter message
Account  Is / Is Not An account within the list Select the account

If you wish to retrieve all messages, please make sure to use a * in "contains (with wildcards)".
  • Save your campaign as well as the created listening rules by clicking on "Save".


6. Add your listening rule to a routing rule

After creating your listening rule, add it to a new or existing routing rule, so that messages can be received by the dedicated agents. Click on "Engagement" > "Routing".