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Social deployment

Channel activation

To use social media, you should have the channel activated in your iAdvize account. Please contact your CSM if it isn't already done. 

Social Media synchronization
Even if the process is really similar, each platform has some particularities concerning the synchronization in the iAdvize interface. Please refer to sections dedicated to each channel you wish to set up :

Social expertise 

The last step consist to add the social media expertise to your agents who have to answer to social media messages. 


By the way, a picking-list corresponded to one SID where the rules and the social accounts are synchronized. So, this requires that the user has the correct site associated in his "Expertise" field.

Settings_ON_3x.pngHow to set up my targeting rules for Social & Messaging channels? 

  • Go to this part of iAdvize: Engagement > Targeting > *Channel selected*  
  • Then, click on the "+" (1) located at the top right to create your targeting rule.
  • Give a name to your targeting rule (2)
  • (3) You can activate this option to exclude every messages matches with the criteria below. 
  • Add targeting criteria (4) with a list of conditions (OR), mandatory criteria (AND) or exclusion (NO).
  • Save your targeting rule to apply it (5).  

In this case, the targeting rule will collect every private messages from the Facebook page "Cooktoys Nantes #7" and who contains the keywords "delivery" or "purchase". Then, you can route these messages to the right agents.