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Managing social listening rules


You will find the listening rules in the following area : "Engagement" > "Targeting campaigns" > "Twitter"

Create and build listening rules

A listening rule can be created by clicking on the green button with a "+".

OR = at least one of these criteria needs to match with the "AND" criteria
AND = mandatory criteria
NOT = exclusion criteria

Typologies of social criteria

Content of the tweet ; Language ; Link : Author’s name ; Number of followers ; Author’s bio and Hashtag (#)

The listening rules are not available for Facebook. This feature is only available for Twitter and Instagram.
The listening rules for Instagram work only with hashtags.


- To set up a criteria correctly, only use one per line (1 criteria = 1 line)
- Each rule can be edited, duplicated and deleted easily with the buttons below:

- The messages are only collected from the moment the rule is created (it is not retroactive)
- To exclude links, use the "AND" criteria populated with the value "false"

- Do not use the "@" with the author criteria
- The "contains" criteria is strict, it means that the value needs to match exactly
- The values populated are case-sensitive. If you type accents and spaces, they will be taken into account.
- You can receive your on tweets if the meet the criteria of a listening rule
- Anticipate the typo and grammar mistakes and synonyms used by the people
- Titles of articles will be analyzed and collected even if the link is shortened
- Cities will be taken into account in Twitter bios (can be useful for local targeting)
- You can target Twitter images with the following criteria: Your Tweet + contains "" + Link has a link "true"

- The mentions are analyzed with "contains" and not strictly with "contains exactly" (i.e. Your tweet contains "PEA" —> @Marine_Pea can be collected)
- The langs are detected by Twitter and it’s not a 100% reliable criteria
- The number of criteria per rule is limited