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Manage the third part messaging apps conversations in the conversation panel

Once the third part messaging apps is activated, you can start chatting from the iAdvize conversation panel. In this article, you will learn more about the environment in which messages are displayed in the solution and about the conversation panel from which you can chat.
"Third part" Column
Once the third part skill is activated on the profile of your agents, they can see a column on the left of their conversation panel (also called "Picking-list"). "Third part" messages are then displayed on this picking-list (Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Text messages and WhatsApp).
"off-site" messages are displayed in the picking-list as follows :

- Profile picture;

- Logo of the touch point; 

- Username; 

- Message delay; 

- Message preview; 

- Hypertext content in blue (mentions, links, etc.);

- Rich content preview (pictures);

You can filter messages by clicking on the "Filter by" section:
  • by channel (Facebook, Messenger, Twitter)
  • or by type of messages (publications, comments, messages).

By default, there are no criteria selected and all messages arrive on the picking list. When you select your criteria, remember that each time you log out of the conversation panel and log in to it, you lose the criteria you've set up as they are not stored in the solution.

In the picking-list, you can see the number of messages which require an answer. The number of messages is updated according to the filters you've set up and the loading of new messages which is automatic and does not require page refresh.

When a message is opened, an "Being processed" indication appears. Only the agent who opened it will be able to close it. Otherwise, the message "being processed" will automatically return to the picking list after 12 hours.


Messages are present in the picking list up to the end of a conversation. The are two kind of closing contact :

  • Natural : until 7 days of inactivity inside the conversation (no answer from the WhatsApp user or from the agent).
  • Manually : the operator is available to close the contact whenever he wants



There are several message dialog boxes in which messages change according to their status : new or answered.


In the "Answered" message dialog box, you can find the conversations to which brands have already responded at least once before the closing of the conversation.

If the profile picture of a brand is displayed, this means that the brand was the last one to send a message in the conversation. And if it is the profile picture of customers, then they were the last ones to have sent a message in the conversation. Thus, their message will also be displayed in the "New messages" section.

When a message gets an answer, the conversation is automatically transferred to the "Answered" message dialog box until customers send a reply.

To quickly end a conversation :

Please click on the cross to end quickly the conversation without having to open it. The message will be archived. If the visitor write a another message, it will be as a new message. it will not be blocked anymore.

The conversation will still be counted as a contact non replied . The conversation will be ended by the agent .