The "Oops. Message not delivered" notification

In order to improve the user experience when performing chat conversations, a notification will now appear when the message is not received by our servers, after 60 seconds.

Our system will automatically perform 3 sending attempts before the notification appears.

If these 3 attempts fail too, you will see the error message "Oops. Message not delivered. Click here to try again". Then you can manually send your message by clicking the error notification. 

Nevertheless, depending on the disturbances of the network, the chat can continue even if this notification appears.

What should I do if the error message is displayed repeatedly?

If you repeatedly notice messages leading to an error, or if the manual sending process does not work, it usually means the connection between the conversation panel and our servers is not established anymore. In this situation, we recommend to reload the conversation panel page (F5 key) in order to reset the connection with iAdvize.  

If this error is still occurring after several reload of the conversation panel, we invite you to verify that your network connection is working properly, as well as your network settings and browser.