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Create an ibbü campaign

ibbü is your on-demand pool of experts - paid to enhance customer experience and boost online sales. 

After reading this tutorial, you will know how to launch an ibbü campaign. 

If you already know how to launch a campaign, feel free to have a look at the 2nd phase of the tutorial which consists in accepting experts on your campaigns


1- Log in to the ibbü platform

First of all, you need to log in to the administration on the iAdvize platform and click on ibbü's logo (at the upper right hand corner) to land on the ibbü campaign management page. 

If you cannot see the ibbü button on the left of the Dialog button, please contact your CSM to active the ibbü feature :-) 

2- Go to the campaign creation page 

You are on the campaign management page which lists all the ibbü campaigns you have created. 

Now click on the + button to go to the campaign creation page!

3- Complete all the fields required to create a campaign

  • Website: website on which ibbü experts respond to visitors' questions
  • Launch date: date on which experts will be able to receive their first chat conversations
  • The experts' earnings: experts currently get between €2 and €5 if they get paid per contact or between 3 and 10% if it's a performance-based payment
  • Number of credits associated with your campaign: number of chat conversations to handle x gross pay per contact or the target turnover x performance-based payment
  • Number of open positions: the number of experts you want to have on this campaign 


  • Your brand name 
  • Your logo: associate it with an https url which will be the link to a 200 x 200 pixel JPEG, PNG or gif image
  • Expertise sought 


  • Finally, add a title, a brief description and a fuller description to your campaign
  • Then illustrate your campaign with a main image (1170 x 440 pixel jpg, png or gif image) and a secondary image (link to a 770 x 340 pixel jpg, png or gif image)



Once the campaign is published, all experts registered on the ibbü platform will then be able to submit their application. 

Here is how a campaign looks like on their side of the platform :-)