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A new design for the conversation thread in the chat box


iAdvize has developed a new conversation thread which adopts the current design codes of messaging apps you are used to using
This new design facilitates your everyday use of the conversation panel. It helps you instantly understand everything happening on the conversation thread.
You are able to quickly differentiate messages sent by visitors from messages sent by agents thanks to their distinct colors and different positions on the conversation panel (on the right or on the left). Each message including an action (the transfer of a conversation, CoBrowsing, etc.) now has its own visual style. 
Moreover, this new conversation thread is unified. This means that it has the same appearance regardless of the channel used by the visitor (Live chat, social networks, etc.). 
  • Messages sent by visitors are on the left whereas messages sent by agents are on the right
  • System information
  • CoBrowsing
  • The transfer of a conversation
  • Error sending message



  • File import
  • Image import
  • Translation



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