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API : Export conversation content

Exporting your conversation will give the possibility to gather the content of the conversation. The main usage is to analyze the verbatim and/or save it into your own database
The purpose of this article is to help you understand better the conversation model and everything around it.
With the iAdvize REST API, you can export the conversation following the documentation :
To guide you through the conversation history model details, find below an example with the code description.
Technically speaking, it requires a parsing of the table with each code X’ to filter messages by types (text, link, notifications,…). 
Request sample{Conversation_ID}?website_list[0]={Website_ID}&key={API_KEY}
Response sample
  // …
    "data": {
                        "[5,"2018-03-30 10:07:24",""],
                        [1,"2018-03-30 10:07:25","Hello I am Ana, how can I help you ?"],
                        [3,"2018-03-30 10:07:25","The rule Chat is activated."],
                        [2,"2018-03-30 10:07:35","Hello I am John, I have a question product 1."],
                        [2,"2018-03-30 10:07:49","I am looking for this very specific product. "],
                        [1,"2018-03-30 10:07:57","Right we have it. "],
                        [2,"2018-03-30 10:08:06","Perfect, let me order it."],
                        [1,"2018-03-30 10:08:18","Have a nice day,"],
                        [3,"2018-03-30 10:08:22","VISITOR_CHAT_CLOSE"],
                        [3,"2018-03-30 10:10:57","OPERATOR_CHAT_CLOSE"]"