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API : Workflow and ressources usecase

Resources description
The example is limited but you can go further in the export of information from iAdvize.
iAdvize business is built around some resources that are described below. 
A example of workflow to apprehend the business logic :
  • A conversation is made by an operator on website. Each website matches an URL and is associated to a specific ID.
  • It will linked to a rule which was triggered. 
  • The operator can be identified by a name and also by an external ID matching your organization. He can have several skills but a conversation will only be linked to one skill. The operator can only be part of one group.
  • The visitor will have a visitor ID created by iAdvize. To link the identity to your system, you can add external ID by using the custom data to prefill the visitor record.
  • At the end of the conversation :
    • On visitor side, you will have a satisfaction survey. 
    • On agent side, you will have a closing form where you can select tags / discussion types.
  • Later on the visitor can make a transaction, iAdvize will track the conversion through the transaction tag with your transaction ID.