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Export my reports in .csv format

The iAdvize administration allows you to export your custom reports in .csv format in order to make the most of the data in other tools such as Excel.
Once logged to the iAdvize administration, you can find in the Reports” section the Export in CSV” functionality easily identifiable by the following icon:
The export functionality can be found:
    • In the graphics section (1)
    • In the data table section (2)
Be careful, the export from the data table sections take into account the filters applied in the filter section (3). Besides, the export from the graphics section is based on the time frame you selected. Several time periods are available depending on the filter applied:
  • If you select today” or yesterday”, the only export available will be the export by hour
  • If you select last 7 days”, you will be able to export the data by hour or by day
  • If you select last 30 days”, this month” or last month”, you will be able to select to export the data by  day or by week
  • If you select a custom time period or if you compare two time periods, the platform will automatically select the most relevant time frame (by hour, by day, by week or by month)
The export is provided in .csv format - a format supported by most spreadsheet softwares such as Excel. Separators used are commas or semi-colons.
Tips : to convert a .csv file in a .xlsx file in Excel, you can use the Convert text to columns” functionality. We invite you to visit the following article from the Microsoft support website for more information:
Export examples:
Number of contacts per month for a given year: 
1- The report  Contacts - activity
2- The channel
3- The time frame
4- The filter: by month
5- Export in CSV
Agents reactivity
1- The report  Contacts - responsiveness
2- The channel 
3- The filter: by agent
4- The time frame
Scroll down to the data table section
5- Export
Conversations export
1- Select the Conversations’ report
2- Click on the Export” icon
3- The time frame
4- The channel 
5- The format:
xml for the conversations
csv for the data linked to the conversations
Transaction IDs export
1- The report Sales - activity
2- The channel
3- The filter: per transaction
4- The time frame
Scroll down to the data table section
5- Export