Activate the consent request (GDPR)


iAdvize offers its clients features to provide maximum compliance with the GDPR.

At the beginning of each conversation, a message requesting the visitor consent, is displayed in a dedicated window in order to keep the conversation data and preview his activity on the website.

This consent will be requested by the browser the first time the user receives a conversation. If the user gives his/her consent, he will not be asked during these next conversations (based on the cookie, for 12 months)

We've added an option in the iAdvize administration so you can easily enable this feature on your different sites.


  • to have the chatbox created within the chatbox builder
  • to check the wording of the “visitor consent request message” in the admin in order to fit with the way of collection.

1. First step (mandatory for the activation of the consent): add legal information by language

  • Go to the Engagement section > Settings > Privacy
  • Then open the section "Displaying legal information"


Note that the paragraph on legal information is not configurable; to change the duration of data retention contact your usual partner at iAdvize: 


1.1 Select your language


1.2 Personalize the message


1.3 Enter your legal information


1.4 External link (optional)

Add an external link in one of the sections.


2. Second step: activation of consent

  • Go to the Engagement section>  Settings > Privacy
  • Then open the section "Visitor privacy"
  • Activate the consent request



3. The consent displayed for the visitor

On the chat :


On the Call :