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Register to a webinar

Webinars are short, interactive introductions to iAdvize - with them, you can discover the conversation panel, as well as the admin. Here's how to register for a Webinar session:
  • first, you must log in with your individual account in order to attend the webinar. After the webinar, you can take some tests and download a checklist - so it's important that you do all this with your personal account. 
  • log into iAdvize, using Chrome (version 30 and beyond) or Firefox (version 20 and beyond), and the login and passwords given by your managers. 
  • if you're an agent, make yourself unavailable - the status button must be red (as shown below)
  • go to the iAdvize Garden, our e-learning platform. If you are an agent, click on the three dots on the top right of your screen, then on "iAdvize Garden" - if you're a manager or an admin, click on your avatar, then on "iAdvize Garden

Log_Out_EN.png                  Capture_d_e_cran_2018-09-28_a__11.58.32.png        

Agent                        Manager or Administrator       

  • select Webinar in the drop menu, then click on the Planning tab
  • select your webinar, then pick a time and day
  • Finally, indicate your full name and the email address you used to log into iAdvize (for technical reasons, your webinar email address must be the same as your iAdvize address), then validate.
Voilà ! You've registered for your first Webinar. You'll receive an email confirmation, as well as a reminder two hours before the webinar. 
The only thing left to do will be to attend the Webinar on D-day!
See you soon,
The Customer Education team