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Watch your webinar session

Your webinar will appear in the Webinar tab of the iAdvize Garden 15 minute before its due time. Here's how to access your webinar: 
  • log into iAdvize using chrome (version 30 or newer) or Firefox (version 20 and newer)
  • if you're an agent, check that your status is "unavailable" (the red button), just like the image below
  •  go to the iAdvize Garden, our learning platform: click on the three dots (Agent) or on your avatar (Manager or Administrator) at the top right of your screen, then on "iAdvize Garden"
Log_Out_EN.png                                     Capture_d_e_cran_2018-09-28_a__11.58.32.png
Agent                                       Manager or Administrator
  • Select "Webinar" in the drop menu, click on the course, then, click on "Connect to the webinar. The webinar will launch automatically on due time. 
A specific case can occur: if you see windows open on your screen, click on execute/authorize/accept, until you reach to the screen of the webinar. 
For an optimal viewing experience, we invite you to follow those recommendations. 
See you soon,
the Customer Education team