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Install and configure the Salesforce connector

iAdvize released a Salesforce connector on AppExchange on June 15, 2018.

This connector is public and configurable in a few clicks by a Salesforce administrator, from the CRM interface.

It is mandatory that you contact your iAdvize Account Manager when installing the Salesforce Connector from the AppExchange.

In this documentation you will find:

  • The features of the connector
  • The requirements and terms
  • The installation and configuration guide

The features of the Salesforce V2 Connector

  • Turn your visitors into Contact, Person Account, Business Account, Marketing Lead in an automated way, or combine them with existing entries.
  • Synchronize:
    • iAdvize Conversation with Salesforce Service Cloud,
    • shared files,
    • visitor satisfaction and all data related to the conversation.
  • Access the visitor's existing record from a link on the iAdvize console.
  • Single sign-on for your agents
  • Automatic user provisionning between Salesforce and iAdvize.
  • Your agents access the iAdvize console directly from the Salesforce interface.
  • Configure the connector from the Salesforce Process Builder
  • Available for Classic and Lightning versions



The requirements and terms

In order to install the Salesforce Connector you must have an iAdvize Administrator account, and have a valid Salesforce License. Your agents and users will also all have a valid Salesforce license.

Please contact your Account Manager when installing the Salesforce Connector.


Salesforce Connector Installation and Configuration Guide

To access the installation guide, please contact your iAdvize Account Manager. Or send a request to