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Settings: the iAdvize mechanics

On the Admin side of the solution, a few steps are necessary to set up iAdvize:
First you must separately create the necessary "ingredients" involved in the mechanics of iAdvize:
  • create one or several notifications
  • set up your Messenger (formerly chatbox)
  • create user accounts for your teams, ibbü experts or chatbots and gather them in statistical groups
  • create distribution groups that will help you decide which team gets to answer to your visitors, and in which order


You can then begin to properly set up iAdvize:
  • create a campaign, assigning it a precise objective
  • in this campaign, you create several targeting rules that will determine the various scenarios that will engage visitors on your website - you then associate those targeting rules to one or several of the notifications you will have created
  • then you choose to whom you will send your visitors' conversations, by associating your targeting rules to distribution rules that will use the distribution groups previously created
  • you can then complete the distribution groups by setting a maximum number of slots in a conversation queue, so that your visitors can ask questions even when your teams are unavailable