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⭐️ iAdvize Messenger : how to set it up to benefit from our last innovations

If you already use iAdvize and want to benefit from the latest innovations that are packaged in the iAdvize Messenger, a few things are mandatory:
  • first, you must create a notification with our new notification builder in order to engage your visitors
  • you must also use the iAdvize Messenger you designed with the new Messenger builder. To do this, you must set up your email notifications in case you choose to use the conversation queue feature (=asynchronous conversation). The new Messenger also implies the activation of the new satisfaction survey, measuring CSAT and NPS
  • in the Engagement tab, you must then associate your existing targeting rules to one of the new notifications you will have created
  • then, in the distribution settings, you must set up the conversation queues in your distribution groups, which will allow either a real-time or asynchronous handling of the conversations. More information on the conversation queues here