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Transactions tracking improvements

Situation analysis and issues encountered


Reminder: thanks to the JavaScript tag implemented on your order confirmation/lead pages, the following transaction information can be sent to iAdvize: order amount and unique transaction ID. You can thereafter see how many conversations converted into a transaction/lead and pay ibbü experts when performance-based model applies. 

The "triggering of the JavaScript tag" method isn't foolproof and some transactions may not be sent to iAdvize. Unstable Internet connection from the visitors' side, an order confirmation page which has been closed before the iAdvize tag could completely run can account for such losses of transaction information.

We therefore worked on this topic to improve our transaction tag and limit the loss of information. This guarantees a fair payment of the ibbü experts and allows our customers to measure the iAdvize conversation service at fair value.

What's new?

We developed a system which sends again a transaction if it hasn't been properly saved. Transactions can now be tracked even if the JavaScript tag has already been triggered.

We also paired VUIDs with transaction IDs in order to delete errors whenever two transactions with the same IDs, but a with a different VUID, are tracked (that is to say, two different persons who generate a transaction each).

These improvements have been available since the beginning of October in your iAdvize account. Depending on how and what you track, you may notice an increase of your sales/leads associated with an iAdvize conversation.