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Exclude an IP address so that iAdvize notifications are not displayed

You may need to block your own IP address so that your coworkers/employees don't trigger and display iAdvize on your website(s). The iAdvize notifications are therefore not displayed and your coworkers/employees cannot start a conversation.

This also aims at excluding the number of triggers and page views from the dashboard/reports.

Note: this cannot be done in the iAdvize solution directly

Here is how you can proceed. Please keep in mind that the following solutions require a lot of time and verification.

1) Change the iAdvize JS tag so that it is not loaded on some identified IP addresses

Determine which IP addresses you wish to exclude.
This change has to be done in the JS tag which has been integrated on the website. Here is an example:

ipToBlock = "XXX.X.X.X"; // IP or list of IP that you want to filter 

If (detectedIpAddress !=ipToBlock) {
// you load the iAdvize code

Note: the above code is not meant to be copied/pasted. You will have to use a code which is compatible with the system you are using.
iAdvize cannot provide you the right code to use.



2) Install an add blocker/add-on on your coworkers/employees' browser so that the iAdvize JS tag is not loaded

Example: as soon as you install Adblock on Chrome and you filter iAdvize, then notifications are not displayed anymore.


You can use severals add-ons for this purpose (uBlock / Adblock / ...).

Note: do not install it on agents' browser who need to log in to iAdvize. This can completely block the solution or impact some features.


3) Manual blocking

This approach is effective on a few users only and has its limits. Ask your agents to start a conversation and block the visitor from their discussion panel directly.
=> blocked visitors will not see the iAdvize notifications anymore in the browser they were using when they have been blocked