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August 2021

New navigation experience between reports

iAdvize users will progressively be able to change their home page from the old Supervision report to an upgraded version of the Production report, now called Live activity report. Unified filters will allow you to navigate more easily between reports, and to better compare performances between channels. More details in the dedicated article


Other news…

  • a new notification format allows you to engage your website visitors to start a conversation on WhatsApp
  • agents can now chat on 3rd party channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) for the iAdvize App

July 2021

New version for the mobile SDK

Plus d’informations ici. Thanks to this new version, users of your mobile app will benefit from the same quality of experience as your website visitors: bots, rich content, a continuous conversation between devices. More information here.

Bots can now chat on WhatsApp

Bots (classic bots as well as intent detection bots) are now available on WhatsApp. They can handle the beginning of conversations with your visitors - making it easier for your agent on this asynchronous channel. 

As a rule, notifications won’t be displayed twice

Now, if a visitor closes a notification during their browsing, no other notification will appear for the rest of their session. There is now a “force notification display” button in case you want to overrule this new default setting.

Other news

  • in August, your contact indicators change slightly, in order to provide more consistency between channels. More details on this evolution here.
  • a new notification format allows you to offer a choice to visitors between chat or video

June 2021

Production report: monitor your agents' status on all your channel

In your Production report, you can now monitor your agents' availability status on all channels: chat, call, and third channels, following the same colour code as the conversation panel. 
  • red: agent switched to "unavailable" (they might be chatting but won't receive new messages) 
  • orange: agent is available but is 100% occupied as they reach the maximum number of conversations 
  • green: agent is available and at least partially occupied

New features related to data protection

  • in conformity with GDPR, it is now possible for a visitor to delete their email directly within the chatbox (after they shared it to receive email notifications)
  • in conformity with CNIL (French personal data authority) if visitors refuse cookies when landing on your site. you can ask for their consent again directly within the chatbox before they engage in conversation


May 2021

Find and analyze your undetected intents

In the Automation report, a new KPI, the Intent fallback rate indicates the number of conversations when the bot couldn’t link an expression to a known intent. You can export the sentences to analyze them and integrate them into your intent manager. More information here.

Other news

  • you can now copy a bot from one project to another in your bot builder! More info here.
  • you can now delete an intent in your intent manager. More info here.
  • on June 1st, iAdvize will stop all developments specific to Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy, before we stop supporting these browsers entirely on August 17th. More info here

April 2021

New features available for our intelligent bots

Two new important features will further improve intent detection for our intelligent bots:
  • intent libraries containing standard intents and expressions for different lines of business (retail, insurance, finance, telecommunications & travel)
  • entities: they will complete and nuance your existing intents. More information here

Other news

  • to further ease conformity with European regulations iAdvize now only uses 1 cookie: vuID (for a 12 month duration). More information here
  • in your Insights report, you can now manually delete keywords from your list to get a more relevant view. More info here 

March 2021

New live monitoring in the Production report

Now you can see a detailed list of online and active respondents in the production report, sorted by routing group, for all your communication channels and projects. More information here. 

New: intent fallback rate

In our Automation report, you can now visualize the success rate of intent detection in your bot scenarios. More information here.

Other news…

  • proactive bots can start a conversation on highly visible notifications such as message and chatbox
  • the chatbox GDPR form now includes an external link: you can now send your visitors on a dedicated page of your own website

February 2021

Augmented intelligence now available in 7 languages. 

iAdvize’s Augmented Intelligence, allowing you to analyze your visitors’ intents is now functional in German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese (French and English were already available) 
More information here

Opening of WhatsApp private Beta

You can now benefit from iAdvize’s partnership with WhatsApp to engage with your visitors on the world’s most popular messaging app by entering our private beta. 
More information here

New ibbĂĽ sign-up

The ibbĂĽ app & website now include a sign-up for experts - its purpose is to ease and accelerate their entrance into the ibbĂĽ community. 
More information here

December 2020

Production report: live & more interactive

You can now read live an ongoing, pending or snoozed conversation from the Production report, and even release pending conversations to un-assign them from a respondent and send them back to the queue of the original routing group. More information here

New features in the Bot builder

You can now enter several messages at the same time, up to 5 images, Links enriched with images, or pdf files in a bot scenario thanks to the “rich content” card.

You can also preview the cards you are currently creating, and test the way your scenario unfolds in the bot builder.

Other news

  • during a video conversation, the visitor can now see the video flow of a respondent, even if they de-activated their own camera and microphone
  • you can now adjust the position of the notifications and the chatbox in the associated builders
  • the filter “engagement campaign” is now available in the Insights report

November 2020

New Conversation panel design

The conversation panel for agents and ibbĂĽ experts evolves. All the original features remain, in an updated design. More information here

New automation report

A new report allows you to follow the performances of your fully or partially automated conversations on iAdvize : distribution among all conversations on iAdvize, scenario completion, impact over time and scenario modifications. More information here

October 2020

Alpha version of our new bot builder with augmented intelligence

Prod_Update_-_Image_AI.pngIn the new “Automation” section of iAdvize, you can find our new bot builder, that will allow you to quickly create a new bot scenario and to analyze the performances of its different versions. In the intent manager, you can train our artificial intelligence so that it understands your visitors’ questions (Natural Language Understanding). More information about this new feature here.

Find iAdvize within the iAdvize admin

Prod_Update_-_inception.pngWhen browsing iAdvize, you can now find tips and relevant content to improve your use of the solution, by chatting directly within the solution with our customer care team!

Other news

  • the translation tool already available on the desktop version of the conversation panel is now available on our mobile app.

September 2020

New: the Insights report

The insights report significantly improve the analysis of your conversations, thanks to:
  • word clouds
  • trends
  • popular categories
  • satisfaction distribution
More information here

More monitoring in the Production report

You can now
  • read conversations in progress (on-going & snoozed conversations)
  • take action, by transferring or closing them
  • follow the load of your conversation queues and the asignation of your messages
More information here

Other news

  • In the Conversation report, you can now export conversations in .csv
  • Conversation history is now visible by respondents in the iAdvize and ibbĂĽ mobile apps.


August 2020

Video conversation now available on our mobile app



The video feature is now available on the iAdvize mobile app for agents that were given the possibility. Cross-device video conversation (from desktop to mobile, and reversely) is also possible. More information here.


Live conversations can now be snoozed



The "snooze" feature, already available for routing strategies with active conversation queues, is now available for all respondents. More information about this feature here


Other news

  • In the production report, snoozed conversation are now visible by routing group, and pending conversations are now visible by routing rule.
  • New “language” column for pending, ongoing and snoozed conversation in the production report.
  • UI improvements on the ibbĂĽ quiz.


July 2020

Chatbox (Messenger) Header customization
You can now modify the information displayed in the chatbox header : avatars, availability of the respondents, average response time… before and during the conversation. More details here.

Other news

  • Our mobile SDK is now compatible with Objective-C language.
  • You can now review the number of closed conversations over time in the Production report.
  • You can now filter the CSAT by engagement campaigns in the Customer Experience report.


June 2020

New design for the conversation window

A new version of the conversation window is now available for all respondents (i.e. agents, ibbĂĽ experts and community ambassadors).with a wider view of the conversation flow. On the right, a new tab displays all the information available on the visitors, as well as all possible actions. 



New: re-assignment after snoozing

When snoozing a conversation, respondents can now choose whether or not they want the conversation to be assigned to them once the delay is expired, or when the visitor answers. If not re-assigned to the same respondent, the conversation is assigned to an available respondent from the same distribution group.



Other news

  • In the Customer Experience report, you can now visualize the CSAT by engagement campaign
  • Visitors can now close notifications that appear with the badge format on the mobile version of your site.
  • It is now possible to sollicit ibbĂĽ experts for personalized goals and remunerations (bonus missions)

May 2020

Video channel now compatible with our new chatbox

You can now associate our rich conversational experience with the video channel, which has grown very popular with the Covid-19 crisis, and offer a premium experience to your visitors.




Unified experience for third-party channel messages

Messages coming from social networks, messaging apps and SMS will now be displayed the same way as chat messages. In the administration, you can now monitor the activity of these channels in the production report.



New composition area on the conversation panel

On the conversation panel, this new, flexible composition area adapts to the size of the agents’ messages and includes a new emoji panel, native to the browser. This new composition area is also accessible from the keyboard tabulation.


Updated Salesforce & Zendesk Apps

Mise Ă  jour des Apps Zendesk & Salesforce 

La dernière mise Ă  jour de l'app Zendesk vous permet de faire remonter l'ID de conversationla dans vos formulaires Zendesk de conversation iAdvize. La nouvelle mise Ă  jour de l'app Salesforce bĂ©nĂ©ficie d'un guide d'implĂ©mentation simplifiĂ©.

The Zendesk app update now enables you to get an iAdvize conversation ID in your iAdvize Zendesk forms. The Salesforce app update comes with a simplified implementation guide. 


Other news

  • Conversation Report filters now apply to exports
  • you can now unblock agents blocked on Facebook and Facebook Messenger after 24h without an answer.
  • agents and ibbĂĽ experts can now tag ended conversations when using the mobile app


April 2020

Improvement of the waiting time for conversations coming from a queue

When a conversation coming from a queue has not been handled by an respondent (agent or ibbĂĽ expert) in 24 hours, it automatically goes back to an other respondent form the same routing group.

New gamification system for ibbĂĽ experts

Experts can now measure and compare their performances with their peers’ in a weekly ranking, based on a point and level system. 



Better monitoring of agents in the Production report

By clicking on the categories of ongoing, snoozed, or pending conversations, the 20 oldest conversations are now displayed in order to give you a better idea of the current activity.



Other news

  • The SDA ID of the respondent is now displayed : in the menu of the conversation panel - this ID can be required to use our Click to call feature
  • New data available in the conversation export: conversation tag, group name and name of the routing rule


March 2020

Chatbots now initiate conversations

iAdvize native chatbots, designed with our Bot builder, now initiate conversations when a visitor clicks on a notification; no need for the visitor to type a question anymore.




New interface for engagement campaigns

This new interface is easier to understand and makes your campaigns easier to create and more efficient. Your campaigns are now divided by communication channel. All existing campaigns will migrate on this new version by April 15th. 



Other news

  • CSAT is visible by group in the Customer Experience report: a useful feature for admins and managers without assigned groups; at the moment, others will only see the grades of the groups they belong to. Ultimately, you’ll also be able to see view by subgroup
  • New version of the mobile apps (3.8): users can now create, modify or delete their own canned responses directly from the apps.
  • New on operator’s desk : a notification warns operators if they leave the desk while they are having conversations in progress. This message will allow them not to forget to handle their conversations before leaving the desk / disconnecting. And thus help not to impact conversation handling time.

February 2020

Improvement of the visitor experience on the Messenger (chatbox)

We keep improving the ergonomics of our Messenger for visitors:
  • a check mark indicates that their last message has been sent
  • an anchor automatically brings them back to the first of their unread messages
  • our Messenger now supports Markdown, allowing many customisations for thrid-party chatbots
  • visitors can now preview images without opening a new tab. The Messenger remains visible, allowing the visitor to send messages while looking at the image 

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png   mceclip2.png


Advanced research in Conversations

You can now search by keywords and filtrate the Conversations Report by automation level: fully automated, partially automated, non automated.

You can combine all the existing filters, for example: 
  • to know the volume of fully automated conversations led by an internal or external bot (automation + agent filter) 
  • display only the fully automated conversations where your visitor left or reached the end of the scenario (automation + “specific sentence” filter)


Other news

  • the Conversation and Customer experience reports become multi-project; you can now select several projects (=websites) in your Conversations and Customer experience reports to aggregate their data. 
  • weight reduction of the Messenger (chatbox): the many innovations made to improve the customer experience had increased the weight of our Messenger. It has been optimised from 285 to 160 KB, with the same features. Improvements are still going to further improve this performance in the coming months. 

January 2020

More detailed Customer experience and Conversation reports

You can now visualise your Customer experience report by note, by respondent, by engagement rule and by routing group. In your Conversations report, you can now see directly the satisfaction rate and transaction for a given conversation.



Further customise your Messenger

You can now further customise the miniature version of your Messenger: icon, color, size and radius, as well as its position on your website. 


Other news
  • New GDPR consent form: this new form, easy to install on our Messenger, improves the visitor experience and lowers the refusal rate.