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Customising my iAdvize messenger header (beta version)


To be even more transparent with your visitors, you can now customise your messenger header (beta version) by displaying the average response time or your operator's presence thanks to a green or red dot.

These new header features humanise even more your visitors' conversational experience since your agents' avatar, name and role are displayed.


These customising options are available in beta version within the chatbox builder, in the "Header" section.



How to enable these new features?

There are two available header displays:

  • a "before conversation" display, when the visitor has clicked on the notification but has not sent his first message yet.
  • and a "during conversation" display when the visitor has already sent his first message and received a response from an operator.



Each display can be customised. 

1. Before conversation

  • You can display 1, 3 or 0 avatars. We provide you with some avatars or you can upload your own ones:


  • You can customise the header text which is displayed during office and out of office hours. By default, you can display an average response time ranging from a few minutes or a few hours. You can also use the "Custom message" field to suggest "Max. response time: 4 hours", "Customer service opened Mon - Fri, 9 am until 6 pm" for example.


Note: office and out of office hours can be changed in your project settings.



2. During conversation

  • Once the conversation has started, you can display your agent's avatar or select a default one. We provide you with some avatars or you can upload your own ones:


  • Type in the text to display under your agent's name:



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