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Instant translation of the conversation

During a conversation with a visitor, you may need to translate the messages in his/her language. The instant translation tool can be activated during the conversation in your conversation panel.


1/ Activation of the instant translation tool
2/ Changing the languages
3/ Message translation

Technical requirement: Using the instant translation tool requires opening the domain * on your network.


1/ Activation of the instant translation tool


When a conversation begins in your conversation panel, you can activate the instant translation of the messages by setting the Translation button to 'ON' (to the right) :





2/ Changing the languages


Once the option is activated, you can either change your language and/or the visitor's language by clicking on each language.

A pop-up window shows you the list of all the available languages. Click on the one you need.

For instance, in the screenshot below, the messages in french (your language) will be translated in english (the language of the visitor) :






3/ Message translation


Write your message in your own language ("Bonjour Cécile") and click on the "double arrow" button or hit Enter to translate the text in the visitor's language :





Then click on the ">" button or hit Enter to send the translated message ("Hello Cecile") :






The message is then displayed in the 2 languages in the chat box of your conversation panel :





On the visitor side, your message is only displayed in his/her own language :





The visitor answers you in his/her language, and his/her message is displayed in your conversation panel in the 2 languages :