Introduction to the iAdvize Salesforce App

Thanks to the iAdvize Salesforce app, you can connect iAdvize Messenger to your Salesforce environment (Lightning).

This app allows your agents to access their iAdvize desk within their Salesforce environnement through a new tab or the utility bar. 
With the SSO authentication, they do not have to use new credentials to log-in to their desk. 
All iAdvize’s desk functionalities remain available within Salesforce: mirroring, management of availability, possibility to transfer a conversation, etc


When a
visitor is identified by Salesforce with his/her email or client ID, the agent can open his/her client profile on the side of the conversation. It allows the agent to understand the context of the conversation and help the visitor better
The Salesforce client fields in this view can now be modified. You can also use the Salesforce Flow to update the Salesforce client record with the iAdvize customer record, which can be filled during the conversation.


The agent can also open a case during
a conversation and complete its fields. 
Once the case is validated and the conversation is over, the Conversation object, created by the app, will be attached to the case.  The conversation transcript, date and time, etc. linked to the case will be accessible afterwards. 
There are more options to open a case: 
  • A case can automatically open at the beginning of a conversation (can be changed during the conversation)  
  • The agent can have an option on their closing form to create an automatic case.


All visitor
s’ conversations are recorded into Salesforce thanks to two new iAdvize objects:  Visitor and Conversation”. These two objects are created at the beginning and closing of each conversation.
With the iAdvize Salesforce app, you can add these two iAdvize objects to your Contact, Account, Lead or any Custom object of your choice. Through the Salesforce Flow, you can also create a new Contact, Account, Lead or any custom object from a visitor who was not recorded within Salesforce prior to the iAdvize conversation.


The ibbü experts are unlikely to have access to your Salesforce environment, however all their
“Visitors and “Conversations will be recorded.  You can even go further by allowing them to create a case at the end of the conversation and add fields to better classify cases. (Read the specific article about customizing iAdvize settings according to your business needs).

The Salesforce app is easy to install, you can read the Installation Guide and other related article
s here

If you are thinking about installing our Salesforce App, please contact your Account Manager or CSM.