Functional Scope: In-app Messaging V1 [Private beta]

The in-app Messaging feature of iAdvize Messenger allows you to chat with your mobile apps (iOS &Android) users thanks to the mobile SDK. Your visitors can reach you even when your teams are unavailable and are immediately notified on their phone as soon as they get an answer. 


Conversation flow 💬

  • The mobile SDK will allow you to monitor transactions after chat
  • The mobile SDK will allow ibbü experts to reply to in-app conversations
  • External chatbots cannot be integrated within the Mobile SDK



As a brand app user...

✅ I can: 

  • send a message from my app and retrieve the conversation history at any time #asynchonousmode
  • be notified about new incoming messages when I’m on the app
  • be notified about incoming messages when I’m not on the app (via push notifications)
  • minimize the conversation window and continue to browse on the app without having to end the conversation
  • start a conversation from an iPhone or Android phone and continue it on an iPad or Android tablet if Im logged in to my account
  • send rich content: images & files


🚫 I can’t

  • begin my conversation with a bot
  • find on the conversation window of the mobile application the history of my exchanges made on the livechat
  • fill in a satisfaction survey (the new CSAT/NPS survey will be accesssible in the future)
  • start a conversation on an iPhone or Android phone and continue it on an iPad or Android tablet if Im NOT logged in to my account
  • see the agent's avatar: it will be displayed by a grey anonymised avatar


As an administrator...

✅ I can:
  • choose the max number of conversation slots for third-party apps (mobile app, Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Facebook)
  • see my statistics in the Reports area with data dedicated to my app (note: if I have an iOS as well as an Android app, all data will be merged)
  • use the routing groups to route the conversations to the right group of agents
  • filter my reports by mobile app: 
    • contact - activity
    • contact - responsiveness
    • presence - overview
    • presence - status
    • sales - activity
    • conversation
    • customer experience
    • production
 🚫 I can’t
  • integrate bots to conversations on my mobile application
  • customize the visitor experience from the Administration platform (notifications and chatbox builder)
  • choose when to display the chat button via a targeting strategy  See FAQ
  • monitor SDK conversations in real-time from the supervision page (only available for synchronous chat conversations) - this is will be however possible in the future
  • define a maximum number of conversations in my waiting list. As soon as this limit is reached, there will not be any new incoming conversations.



As an agent or an expert on the conversation panel...

✅ I can:
  • see conversations from mobile apps in push mode in the discussion panel (the same way real-time chat conversations are being pushed)
  • authenticate visitors to make sure they are the person they pretend to be (we rely on the in-app customer log-in system)
  • set myself in "unavailable mode" on third-party conversations (mobile app, Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Facebook) in order to stop receiving mobile app conversations
  • send rich content: images & file (except for experts on the ibbü app)


🚫 I can’t

  • see how many pending conversations there are in the waiting list
  • define the number of incoming asynchronous chats
  • see the mobile screen of the visitor (mirroring)


As a developer/integrator...

✅ I can:
  • activate the GDPR consent message
  • access a technical and functional Open Source documentation to configure the mobile SDK
  • fully integrate the mobile SDK with my own webdesign requirements
    • I can use the standard template or design my own floating button
    • I can set the conversation main colour. This will also affect the colour of the chat button (only for the default chat button), text bubbles and CTA button to send messages
    • I can define the content of the first automatic message sent to your users. This automatic message aims at inviting your users to start a conversation (note: the integrator has to manage translations)
    • I can choose the position of the chat button on the mobile app
    • I can choose a brand avatar which will appear in the visitor's conversation thread.
  • add my mobile apps in the iAdvize administration in a few clicks (only one app can have both an Android and an iOS version)

🚫 I can't

  • configure the Darkmode and allow the visitor to benefit from it in his conversation window