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Handle the conversations from your mobile apps - SDK (beta version)

iAdvize developed a new channel allowing you to engage visitors and interact with them directly from your mobile app. 
How can you differentiate conversations coming from mobile apps from conversations coming from the live chat solution? 
You can identify mobile conversations thanks to the “mobile” icon that is visible on the state box and next to the visitor’s avatar in the conversation thread displayed in the chat box. 
What features are available to handle conversations coming from mobile apps? 
  • Canned answers
  • Block a tricky visitor
  • Send emojis
  • Add tags to the conversation
  • Send attachments
What features are not yet available?
  • Send offers and links
  • Mirroring (visualize the visitor’s mobile screen)
  • Take control of the visitor’s browsing on the mobile app 
  • Transfer a mobile conversation
How do we manage to have slots dedicated to mobile conversations?  
Mobile conversations are handled in different slots than those dedicated to classical chat conversations. 
In other words, if you can receive up to 3 chat conversations, and you’re already handling 3 chat conversations at the same time, then you can receive up to 2* additional mobile conversations on your conversation panel. 
2* : the limit of mobile conversations an agent can receive. This setting cannot be modified on the iAdvize administration.  
What are the specific characteristics of conversations coming from mobile apps? 
Visitors who contact you from a mobile device often take more time to reply than when they contact you from a desktop device. 
Henceforth, you can make different choices: 
  • wait for the visitor to reply and leave this conversation open on your conversation panel
  • “release” this conversation using the “end” button. This action allows you to free up a slot to handle another mobile conversation. Please note that as soon as the visitor responds to your last message, the conversation is reassigned to an agent available to continue handling this conversation. Moreover, if the visitor doesn’t answer within the 7 days following your last message, this conversation is automatically and definitely ended. 



What happens if a visitor sends me a message and I release the conversation without giving it an answer? 
If the conversation’s last message is a message sent by the visitor and that you release this conversation, it will be reassigned to an agent available to handle it. 
What happens if I don’t respond quickly to the first message sent by a visitor?
If you don’t answer the visitor’s first message within 5 minutes, than this conversation will automatically be reassigned to an agent available to handle it. 
What happens if I don’t respond to the message(s) sent by a visitor with whom I’ve already started a conversation but I leave the conversation open on my conversation panel?
If you don’t respond to the visitor’s last message within 12 hours then this conversation will automatically be reassigned to an agent available to handle it. 
What happens if the visitor doesn’t reply to my last messages? 
Either you decide to definitely end the conversation or it will be automatically ended after 7 days of inactivity. If the visitor sends a reply after the conversation has been ended, a new conversation will then be created and assigned to one of the agents available to handle it. 
How to stop the reception of conversations from mobile app on my desk?
Switch the "mobile" button on the top right of your screen in red in order to be unavailable on the SDK channel.
Which agent receives the remuneration related to conversations coming from a mobile app? 
The remuneration is always assigned to the last agent who has handled the conversation (in other words, the agent who has sent the last message before the conversation has been definitely ended).