Deploy iAdvize: Step 3 - Create the user accounts


Now that you have personnalized your notifcations and your chatbox, it’s time to create your user accounts and train your teammates! 

Create the user accounts for your teammates

Each member of your team using iAdvize will need a personal account, to ensure secure connection and reliable data. Good news: you can create as many accounts as you need! 

1. How?

In the
"team" section, "Management" tab, click on the green +
Select the "Agent" role for your user. Fill in the information that only your team will see, such as their first and last name, email address, and the passwords that you will communicate to them.

According to their role, your user will access some specific features:
  • an agent account can only see the conversation panel
  • a manager account can see the conversation panel, as well as the teams, reportings and conversation history
  • an administrator account has access to all the features and can modify the iAdvize parameters


The "communication" part defines how your user will interact with visitors: pseudonym, avatar, and communication channel.

Select only the chat, and give them between 2 and 3 conversations to handle simultaneously

In the "expertise" section, select the project (= your site) to allow your agent to chat on it.


In the "localisation" section, select their mother tongue as the main language, and the right time zone, then save. 

Repeat as many times as you need agents.

We advise against sharing the same account between users ; you can create as many accounts as you need

More details on user accounts in this article.

2. Train your team! 

To get the most out of iAdvize, training is essential.

We strongly recommend
that they take a training to use their conversation panel by having them watch our webinar "Discover your iAdvize conversation desk" on iAdvize Academy, accessible directly from their conversation panel.

They will discover all the features available on their panel
in half an hour in our webinar, and the chat best practices in the course "the art of chatting". Watching those contents will take them less than an hour.

Log into the iAdvize Academy and simply follow the instructions:

Im4.png            Im5.png



You just created your user accounts, so don’t forget to give your teammates their login and temporary password, before moving on to the configuration of your engagement strategy : Step 4