Deploy iAdvize: Step 4 - Create your engagement strategy


You’re halfway to the simplified deployment of iAdvize. Now, you’re going to configure the engagement strategy, which will determine according to which criteria you will target the right visitors, at the right moment.  

Create your engagement strategy

Your campaign is the first step of a your engagement strategy - it will then include one or more engagement
(or targeting) rules.

1. Your campaign

In the
"Engagement" section, "Campaign" tab, click on "create an engagement campaign" 

Name your campaign, for example, "welcome all visitors", then choose the channel "website messaging" (it concerns both desktop and mobile versions of your site), then click on "save".


More details on campaigns in
this article

2. Provide an objective

In this
simplified installation, we recommend that you select "define a satisfaction goal", then click on "save".


3. Choose your targeting method

Choose the only method currently available:
"customized targeting", then click on "save".


4. Create your targeting rule

  • Click on "create a rule",
  • Then name your rule (example: welcome all visitors + 10s),
  • In the menu "Add a condition", in the "Time" category, select "browsing time spent on the site", then "greater than", then 10. Click on "add".

> This simple rule allows you to offer chat to all of your visitors after they spend more than 10 seconds on your site


  • Then, select the notification displayed to your visitor: select "welcome visitors notification 1" that you just created and select the "chat" channel.
You can pre-visualise it automatically.


  • Click on Save”, then save the whole campaign.

NB : Check that your campaign is inactive. Indeed, as soon as you activate your campaign, notifications will appear on your site and engage visitors (for real)!

So it’s best to fully deploy iAdvize, train your teams and test your settings first before activating your engagement campaign.


More details on engagement rules in
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Next ...

Maybe the interface gave you a hunch: now that you’re all set with your engagement strategy, you need to route all your conversations to the right respondents : Step 5