Deploy iAdvize: Step 2 - Personalise a notification and your chatbox


Now that the iAdvize Tag is installed, it is time for the second step of your deployment: customizing all the elements that will appear on your website! To do this, log into the iAdvize administration with the ID and password you received.

Personalise a notification and your chatbox

notifications will appear on your website to engage your visitors to chat. The chatbox is the interface through which your visitor can chat with your agents. We recommend that you personalise those two elements to offer your visitors a conversational experience that is coherent with the rest of your website. 

1. Notification

To do that, in the iAdvize administration, go to the
"Engagement" section, "Notification & chatbox" tab.

A) In the window that opens, click on "try the new notifications". You can enter your URL to pre-visualise your website.


B) Use the different elements of the menu to
set the look of your notification: template, avatar, color, size, position, etc. 


For each step, you can
visualise your notification on mobile and on desktop.


C) Save your notification
(for example, name it "welcome visitors notification 1" - if the interface suggests that you replace an existing notification, skip this step by clicking on "ignore".

More information on notifications here.

2. Messenger

The interface suggests that you create your
chatbox (also called iAdvize Messenger) the same way. 

Proceed exactly as you did with the notification, with a special focus on the header menu:

You can customise your chatbox header by displaying the respondent's profil, their availability and the average response time.
You need to configure the display of your chatbox header "before the conversation" and "during the conversation".


Another important menu: the envelope-shaped icon allows you to set your email notification parameters, in order to reach out to your visitors in case they left your website before getting an answer for your agents. You must put in
the name of your company, your company logo, and the URL of your website.  


Save: you now have all the necessary visual elements to engage your visitors! 

More information about your Chatbox (also called Messenger) in this article.

NB : as per the GDPR, you can activate a consent request that will be displayed prior to each conversation - this will give you the right to collect the data and to preview your visitor’s navigation on your website.



You juste created beautiful notifications and a lovely chatbox - both perfectly matching you website. Good job!  You can create the user accounts and train your team :  Step 3