Deploy iAdvize: Step 5 - Distribute your conversations


Now that your engagement strategy will target the right visitors at the right time, you need to configure the distribution of the conversations, so that the best respondents can chat with your visitors

Route the conversations to the best respondents

Routing is articulated in two parts: distribution
groups (i.e., respondent groups) and distribution rules that transfer conversations to the most suitable respondents (gathered, as you guessed, in distribution groups)

1. Begin with your routing group

  • In the "Engagement" section, "distribution" tab, select "routing group" in the drop menu, then click on the green +.
  • Create a group, for example, "response team"
  • Then in the window below, select "roles", then "matches one of the values", then "agent", "manager" and "administrator", as per the gif below. 
  • Save your choice (grey button), then save your group (green button).


More details on distribution in this article.

2. Create a routing rule

  • In the "Engagement" section, "Distribution" tab, click on the green +, write the name of your new rule (for example, "to response team"). 
  • Then, click on "add a targeting rule": select the rule you've just created, here: "welcome all visitors - 10 s".


  • At the following step, leave "Cascade mode",
  • Then, in "add a routing group", pick your newly created group: "answer team".
  • In "Choose a value", in the "conversation queue" column, write 3 (you'll be able to change that later).
  • Save.
This very short conversation queue will “smooth” your activity:
your respondents won’t have to wait between two chats, and notifications will engage your visitors event when respondents are not available right away (more information here)


More details on distribution in this article

Next …

You’re done setting up iAdvize, congratulations ! But before going live, we recommend that you do some tests to ensure that everything works correctly : step 6