Deploy iAdvize: Step 6 - Test your iAdvize configuration and go live!


You successfully installed the iAdvize tag, customized your notifications and your chatbox, created your user accounts, trained your teams, set up your engagement and routing strategy… Congratulations!!! You’ve reached the last step of the iAdvize deployement: all there is left to do is to try and launch iAdvize!

Last step: Test and go live!


As long as your campaign is inactive, you can’t engage any visitor - which is very good, since you’d better make sure that everything works as it should before the big launch!

1. Test iAdvize on your website


NB : In order to try iAdvize without visitors bumping into notifications “for real” on your site, we advise that you create a test environment on your site: it’s simple and fairly easy. 

A) Check your user account

First, have a look at your account settings to make sure that you can receive messages:
  • click on your avatar, then on “my account”
  • Allow for 2 simultaneous conversations
  • Check your pseudo
  • Make sure that your website is listed

B) Cr
eate a test campaign

You already created one, or several campaigns for your engagement strategy - it’s time to quickly create a new one (it’s much quicker the second time!) to carry the test safely. Here’s a step-by-step guide

Carry your test

Log into the conversation panel, as well as your website, addinf a ?test at the end of the URL and carry the test, chatting with yourself, as explained in step 4 of the step-by-step guide.

2. Publish your campaign

Go back to the
"Engagement" section, "Campaign" tab. Click on the pencil on the right side of your campaign, then publish it. 


iAdvize is now deployed on your site!

If you actived a short (3 slots) conversation queue as per our recommendation, notifications will already start appearing on your website.

However, this queue will fill quite quickly, so if you want to engage many visitors on your site, you’ll need your respondents to be logged into iAdvize and to be available.

3. Help your teams

After giving them their ID and password, accompany your agents on iAdvize.

Check that they have been properly trained with ou dedicated webinar. If that is not the case, there is still time for them to participate - they can also check the rest of iAdvize Academy to improve their knowledge.

Finally, show them how to switch their status to available so they can start chatting

4. Improve your knowledge of iAdvize

You have just deployed a simple, yet very efficient strategy.

But iAdvize holds many other possibilities. You can find out more about them on iAdvize Academy, thanks to a webinar dedicated to administrators and managers, and to many e-learning courses that will tell you everything about your key performance indicators, commercial performance, customer satisfaction, productivity, as well as features such as our bot builder. 


More details on iAdvize Academy in this article.


Next ?

If you wish to increase your answering capacity, we designed an article as a sequel to this one to help you to install conversation queues, in order to handle conversations asynchronously, in only 2 easy steps! 

clapping hands  Congratulations on your first iAdvize deployment!
We wish you a nice journey with iAdvize 🎉