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What's new on the conversation panel ?

The new design of the iAdvize conversation panel is here ! Let’s take a look at what’s new...


  • The visitor panel

Better visibility thanks to categorised information.

In the visitor form you will find information on your conversation partner’s browsing journey or their customer account.

All this information is now clearer thanks to classification by category. And to give your visitor a better response, you still have access to their conversation history.


  • Conversation window enlarged

Facilitate the reading of your visitor's messages in the blink of an eye.

The conversation window has been enlarged to make it easier to read your visitor / agent or expert's messages.

So avoid scrolling upwards.
A plus in an Omnicanal context.

If you have to write a longer message,
the input field enlarges automatically so you can easily proofread what you have written.
  • Improved simultaneous chat managegement

Split screen x2/x4 improved.

The input field is now not visible when you are not on the relevant conversation. A real comfort to display more messages on your other conversations !


  • New mirroring

A new mirroring in preview and full screen mode.

Mirroring is now visible as a whole and no longer hidden behind the dialogue window. In preview mode you have an overview of your visitor's navigation in the blink of an eye. You can even extend the mirroring in full-screen mode thanks to the small button Desk-step1-mirroring-Agrandi-EN05.1.png, without even opening a new tab !

It allows you to track your visitor's browsing in real time, making it an essential source of information for understanding your conversation partner’s needs.

If you are used to taking control of a visitor’s browser, you will find this feature in mirroring, in both reduced and full screen view, by clicking this button Desk-step1-Cobro-Agrandi-EN05.2.png.


Mirroring is based on the dimensions of the display area of the visitor's screen (called viewport). In fullscreen mode, you can benefit from 2 mirroring display modes:


  • auto zoom: the mirroring automatically adapts itself according to the size of the visitor / agent screens. This mode is useful when, for example, the visitor has a larger screen size than yours: then the mirroring will be adapted for the operator view. The auto zoom allows you to see the whole view of your visitor at once.
  • 100% zoom (real size): if you want to have the real view of what the visitor sees, then you always have the possibility to switch to this mode.