The Insights report

The content of the conversations is a valuable resource. It is a way for your customers to give first-hand feedback. You can improve the customer experience thanks to a better knowledge of their needs and feelings shared into the conversations.

The Insights Report gives you this opportunity without having to read each one of their conversations. By combining AI and human, we can digest all of your conversations into a human-readable report. 

You can find this report under Report > Insights.

1. Relevant keywords

This section displays the most relevant keywords on the period. It is based on the customer's messages only.

The bigger the word is, the more conversations it is based on. 

It’s possible to exclude keywords that are often used in conversations but are not relevant for the analysis of the customer needs.
You can thus improve the relevance of the messages which has to be read entierly.
NB: If you need to better understand a word, you can click on it. The whole report will then be filtered on conversations containing this word. You can even add more!


2. Trends

Trends gives you contextual information on your report. 

Whether you have added filters or not, it displays the volume of conversations and CSAT.

3. Categories and conversation types analysis

In these 2 sections, we help you analyze your conversations thanks to your types of conversation.

One section is about volume and the other about satisfaction ratings.

Just like the relevant keywords, you can click on a category or a tag to filter the whole report, including the relevant keywords!

⚠ To make this fully functional, you must use 2 key features :
- Satisfaction survey (more info here)
- Types of conversation and categories (more info here)

4. Messages and comments

To help you validate your analysis, we select and display the most relevant messages and comments.

To go further, you can read the entire conversation by clicking on the "Open conversation" button.