Synchronize/link iAdvize operators with users in your system

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Synchronize user accounts between iAdvize and an external tool.

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Synchronizing the accounts of your users is often a prerequisite for your technique intégrations projects such as

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Operator ID synchronization can be implemented through two methods:

1. The external ID allows you to attach the ID you assigned to your agent to its iAdvize account

  • To access the page to create or edit a user account, select "People" on the top left side, then "Management" :
  • Advanced options: in this section, you can add the ID that you assigned to your agent in other tools to the iAdvize account.

2. Use the Operator ID of your iAdvize agents in your external tool 

With your mouse, hover over the icon-edit.png(pencil icon) at the right of the agent line. His Operator ID number will display at the bottom of your browser - see screenshot below: