Create a custom dashboard



flag in holeObjective

Enable the creation and sharing of customized reports to facilitate and accelerate access to data according to your business needs. 

brick What do I need

orange book Use cases 

  • Create a custom dashboard that fits my business reporting needs
  • Create an automated reporting
  • Compile iAdvize performance indicators with performances of other external channels/tools "multi-channel hypervision”
  • Dump iAdvize data into a BI or data visualization tool for centralization

light bulbBest practices

Depending on the targeted resource, you can use our webhooks to trigger the API request rather than launching your requests in batches which can be very consuming.

 Subscribe to the transaction webhook to trigger the associated API request.

memo Steps to follow

Pre-requisite: get your API keys

The full set of resources accessible from the REST API and the GraphQL API can be seen in our documentation.

→ GraphQL:
Authentication uses temporary and revocable access keys.
Please note that the lifetime of the key is 24 hours.
You can generate an access key by calling the url mentioned in this link with a user email and a password.

→ Rest (beware this API is partially deprecated - more info here):

The access key to our Rest API will be given to you by your CSM.

1. Identify the needs of your users
A dashboard of previous day’s results to send to your collaborators. You wish to have a consolidated view of all data to avoid having to export the different files via the platform and reprocess them.

2. List the indicators that I want to include in my reporting
  • First message response time
  • Average response time
  • Missed opportunities 
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Conversation tags
  • Page type

3. Target the resources you need to create my dashboards

  • Check the availability of these resources in the developers’ platform documentation
  • After determining the resources to use, check which filters can be applied to these resources

4. Write your query with the filters allowing you to obtain a precise result. Automate the query according to your needs or transform the data and reinject it into an external tool