The Conversations report

With the Conversations report, you can view the history of all conversations your Operators have handled across different channels.

1. The conversation log

To access the log from the iAdvize administration, click on Reports, and then choose the Conversations report.


On this page, you will find the comprehensive list of conversations your Operators have had with your visitors via different channels (chat, call, video, Facebook Messenger...).




1.1 Volume and evolution of closed conversations

In this area, you can view the evolution of your volume of closed conversations. If you click on a dot, the time period will automatically change to the date of the selected dot.

1.2 The list of conversations

For each column, a field allows you to search for conversations by channel, contact ID, visitor ID, conversation ID, agent name, NPS, and CSAT. You can also sort the table by date, conversation duration, CSAT, and NPS.
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1.3 Conversations export
To export the conversations, click on the icon Capture_d_e_cran_2019-07-04_a__15.16.29.png.


You will then be asked to enter your email and click "send". An email allowing you to download a CSV file will be sent to you.

The content of the conversations is available to export!  

Simply click on the "include messages" button in the export window.

You will then receive a second file containing them. 

NB: Please note that exporting by email can take several minutes when exporting a large volume of conversations.


NB: The export of conversations is based on the closing date of the conversation.


1.4 Conversation details

To access the full detail of a conversation, click on the following icon Capture_d_e_cran_2018-12-31_a__11.37.35.png.


2. Conversation details


The details of a conversation are displayed in the "Conversation" tab, among the other information available including:

  • Elements related to the conversation: satisfaction tab and customer information
  • Information about the conversation (2): conversation duration, ID, customer ID, CSAT, NPS.

Note: for calls, instead of reading the conversation details, you can listen to the recording of the conversation.


⚠ Differences from the old conversations report :
- By default, the conversations displayed are on D-1. To view today's conversations, please select the date in the selector.
- The time displayed in the conversation log is the end time of the conversation.