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Tracking conversations handled by several different agents

iAdvize has historically defined a conversation as an exchange of messages between a visitor and an agent. 

Therefore, when an agent forwards a conversation to another agent, a new conversation is created, meaning there are two separate conversations in the conversation log and reports available in the iAdvize administration. The same applies to conversations transferred from a bot to a human agent.  

This calculation has its limits, especially for administrators and managers as they need to track conversations split into several different contacts even if it is one single conversation with the same visitor over a finite period of time.
We have provided you with a new way to manage conversations in the iAdvize platform to simplify the tracking of conversations handled by more than one agent

1. What changes

1.1 The administrator and manager interface

  • We officially launched the conversation log released in public beta end of 2018! In it, you will find conversations forwarded between agents and conversations handled by bots and transferred to a human agent displayed under a single unique conversation ID.
  • Accessing the details of this conversation will allow you to read all the messages exchanged between the visitor and the different agents and/or bot. Moreover, the export feature will also include conversations handled by several different agents. 
  • You will find a list presenting all the other developments related to this new conversation log here


A transferred conversation displayed in the new conversation log

  • Statistical reports are also updated as they display one single conversation even if different agents have handled it (whether they are human agents or bots)


A transferred conversation displayed in the statistical report


1.2 REST API's “conversation” resource

We will update iAdvize REST API's conversation resource to centralize these transfers between agents in one and the same conversation. 

2. What does not change

  • The Contacts report remains the same, i.e. a conversation is a contact handled by one agent which means that a transferred conversation equals two contacts.



Transferred conversation displayed in the Contacts report is divided into two contacts