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Create your notifications in the iAdvize platform

Thanks to iAdvize, you can customise your notifications on your own to engage with your visitors.

We released our intuitive tool "The Notification Builder" and reviewed the different templates to meet your needs and maximise your performances.

1/ Enable the Notification Builder
Access the Notification Builder in Engagement > Notifications
During the Beta period, an invitation to use this feature will be displayed for you to enable it.
Tip 1: as long as no new-generation notification is created, the former notification management interface will remain available. As soon as you save your first notification, the new interface will be permanently migrated.
2/ View your notifications
You may now see all your notifications in Notification.
Thanks to the preview, you can see your former and new notifications.
Tip 2: to optimise iAdvize performances, please replace former buttons (the ones marked as "obsolete") with new ones.
3/ Create a new notification
  • Click on "+" to create a new notification
  • You can  provide a URL to get a preview of your website in the background during your notification customisation
  • Thanks to the Notification Builder, you can choose:
    • your template
    • the image to display (icon, simple or multiple avatar)
    • your style (colour, character font,...)
    • the notification position on your website
    • various options (reduction, closing behaviour)


4/ Validate your notification display
  • During your notification creation, your can validate the following views:
    • desktop or mobile views
    • channel used (chat, call, video, Messenger)
    • languages supported by iAdvize


5/ Save your notification
  • You can save your notification by clicking on "Create"
  • You can select a former button to replace it so you don't have to manually change all engagement rules

Find out more about the functional scope of the Notification Builder

6/ Manage the language on your notification

  • If the language is not forced* in the iAdvize tag : The notification will then adapt to the language of the visitor's browser.
  • If the language is forced in English (for example) in the iAdvize tag : The notification will then be displayed in English for all visitors (regardless of the language configured in the browser).

- Find out more about manage the language


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