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Implement the conversion tag

In order to track the sales generated after contact, you need to install our conversion tag on your order confirmation page (or the other element you need to track).

1/ Install the conversion tag

In order to track the sales generated through iAdvize, you must install our conversion tag on the payment confirmation page of your site (for all payment methods offered). 

The code must be inserted BEFORE the "classic" iAdvize code. Here is the content of this code:

<script type="text/javascript"> window.idzTrans = {"cartAmount":19.90,"tID":"45676456"}; </script>


This is an example, please replace the values of the variables "cartAmount" and "tID" with their actual values.

Variables of conversion tracking:

  • cartAmount: order amount (mandatory - must contain an amount, equal or greater than 0.00 - the decimal delimiter must be a period).

  • tID: identifier of the order (mandatory - must be unique for each transaction) 

⚠ If your site and/or purchase tunnel is built with a Single page application (SPA) framework, the conversion tag will not be compatible.

To use a compatible tag, please refer to point 3/Technical constraints related to your website/SPA of the article : Sales / Monitoring transactions - technical constraints

2/ How transactions are taken into account

  • A sale is saved in iAdvize if the required parameters are filled in the conversion tag (unique transaction ID and transaction amount).
  • A sale is associated to a conversation (and an agent) if it has been made during the last conversation, or up to 48 hours after a conversation (this timeframe can be changed upon request).