Test the iAdvize solution on your website

1. Objective

This article explains step by step how to experiment on a website in production that has the iAdvize tag installed. You will learn how to make sure that website visitors don't see this testing environment while you can generate chat conversations only you are eligible to answer.


2. What is a test environment ?

You are about to create an alternative version of one of your website pages. Only you will be able to see this alternative version.

You will then log in to iAdvize as an agent. The chat conversation generated on this alternative page will necessarily be routed to you. No other agents logged in to iAdvize will be able to receive this chat conversation. 


3. Steps to creating your test environment

3.1 An alternative version of your website page available in production

The idea is to create an alternative version of your webpage by adding "?test" at the end of the URL address.

In summary: if your homepage URL address is www.mon-site/homepage we will create an alternative version named www.mon-site/homepage?test

This way, no visitors browsing the website in production will be able to see your test environment.


3.2 Creating a targeting rule triggered only on this "?test" page

You now need to create a targeting rule whose only criterion "address of the current page contains ?test" will make a chat button appear when triggered as outlined below.

If no buttons are available in the drop-down menu under "Carry out the following actions", you can also use "Send a message" which will directly open a conversation window and no chat buttons.



3.3 Making sure only you can answer the chat triggered by this rule using the routing engine and skills

Start by creating a routing skill that must have an explicit name. E.g. test prod (do not use).

We have described the procedure for creating and assigning skills in the following article: Use the skills.

Then in your profile, assign this routing skill to yourself.

Now go to the routing part of the administration at the top of your screen, exclude users with the test prod (do not use) skill from the group entitled Everyone:


Now create a routing group entitled Prod test skill (do not use).


Make sure you are part of this routing group by clicking on the number of agents written in blue at the bottom left of this window.

Then create a routing rule that will apply to your Test on Production Website targeting rule and direct chat conversations triggered by this rule to the "Prod Test skill" routing group that you have just created and to which you alone belong.


4. Carrying out the test

Now you must log in by clicking on the "Chat" button at the top right of your iAdvize interface.

This way, you access the conversation panel as an agent and are ready to receive chat conversations (make sure that the status button dedicated to the chat channel at the top right of your conversation panel is green).

Now all you have to do is go to any of your webpages where the iAdvize tag has been implemented and add "?test" at the end of the URL address.

You will then see the chat button appear on this webpage and be able to chat with yourself as an agent.