Why is the "Customer Satisfaction" indicator (CSAT) lower than the "Overall Satisfaction" indicator?

Your customer satisfaction hasn't changed but its calculation has changed.

This change in calculation method will, therefore, lower your CSAT score if you compare it with your current satisfaction rate.
But this doesn't mean that visitors are less satisfied. The gradual deployment is there to give you time to adapt to this new method.


How was the old satisfaction score calculated?

Capture_d_e_cran_2019-06-27_a__11.50.32.png 100%
Capture_d_e_cran_2019-06-27_a__11.50.36.png 50%
Capture_d_e_cran_2019-06-27_a__11.50.42.png 0%
The overall satisfaction is then calculated by averaging the 3 ratings: 
Overall satisfaction = (quality of the agent's welcome + response time + quality of answers) / 3
The overall satisfaction of several conversations is the average of all global satisfaction. 


How is the new satisfaction score calculated?

The CSAT calculation method makes this indicator much easier to use! It indicates the percentage of satisfied customers. Therefore, it allows you to identify areas for improvement more quickly.
CSAT Score = (Number of satisfied clients + Number of very satisfied clients) / (total number of responses)


Here is an example : 



Old satisfaction calculation:
  • Quality of the expert's welcome: 100%.
  • Response time: 50%.
  • Quality of answers: 0%.
  • Overall satisfaction: 50%.
New satisfaction calculation:
  • Note: Neutral (3/5)
  • CSAT Score: 0%.

   Several elements inflate the old satisfaction score compared to CSAT:

  1. Neutral scores are taken into account in the calculation. 
  2. The poor customer experience is masked by a positive quality of the agent's welcome.