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Customising my iAdvize Messenger

iAdvize gives you now the opportunity to improve your customers conversation experience thanks to a new messenger which meets current design expectations in terms of messaging apps and which is familiar to you and your customers.

This article provides the necessary information for you to customise your messenger on your own. 

1/ The invitation

  • When your customer account is enabled for you to benefit from this new conversation experience, an invitation in the iAdvize platform will allow you to customise and activate your new messenger. 

Go to Engagement > Notification & Chatbox


2/ Customisation

1. Style

  • Add your colours
  • Choose the font which fits your graphic layout


2. Image

  • Enable or disable the agent/expert avatar display when the chatbox is opened. You can choose a default avatar which will be used for the welcome message only or all the time.
  • Customise your minimised chatbox button (design, dark or light colour)



3. Position & Size

  • Choose how far from your page borders your chatbox is going to be displayed. You can also choose a specific position for mobile devices.
  • Customise your chatbox minimised button (size and radius)



4. Content

  • Customise the main system messages displayed to your visitors


5. Options

  • Enable or disable image or PDF visitor sending option
  • Enable or disable the option which allows visitors to access their conversation history



6. E-mail

In this area, you can customise the e-mail which is sent to the visitor when she/he requested her/his conversation history or when an agent sends a new message (asynchronous mode).

  • Fill in your brand name. It will be displayed in the e-mail sent to visitors.
  • Import your brand logo
  • Fill in a page URL on which your visitors will be redirected. The iAdvize tag must be integrated on this page. 



3/ Save your iAdvize Messenger

 Important : as soon as you save your new messenger, it will be instantly online on your website