[Beta] - Upcoming homepage and new navigation experience in your reports

This article presents the many benefits you’ll get by joining the new homepage private beta.

1. New homepage: Live Activity report

When you log in to iAdvize, you land on the Supervision report, giving you a partial view of your activity as it does not include third-party channels (like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger).

Once you’ll activate the beta, your homepage will change: you will see the Live Activity report.




This report is an evolution of the current Production report. It will give you a real-time view of your team's activity, with all channels and projects combined. You can customize this view by using filters.

This new homepage will make it easier to detect staffing issues; you’ll have a constant view of conversation queues, and will be able to release a pending conversation (or a conversation in progress on the desk of a respondent who has disconnected incorrectly).


2. Easier navigation between different reports

Thanks to the new navigation toolbar, you will be able to move from one report to another in a fluid way and the filters will remain selected to facilitate your analysis.




Reports related to team management (such as Activity and Status reports) will be grouped in a drop-down menu; other reports will be accessible in one click.
You will also have common filters for all your reports: some filters previously available only on the Conversations report will be extended to other reports, allowing you to analyze your results in a more precise way (by group or by distribution rule for example).

3. An enriched interface for reading live conversations 

For managers who monitor the quality of live conversations, the interface for reading conversations in real-time will be easier to navigate.



It will provide more information about the conversation and the visitor so you can better understand the context. You will always have the option to send a private note to the agent to help them with their responses.

4. A simple click to benefit from all these new features

Starting Fall 2021, you may see a banner offering to activate the Live Activity report beta. 
Clicking on this banner will change the view instantly, but you will have the option to switch back to the old view if you prefer.

If you are looking forward to these new features and do not see the banner on your landing page, do not hesitate to talk to your CSM at iAdvize.