The navigation and filters in your reports

Understand how iAdvize reporting is built and how navigation works.
When you connect to iAdvize, you get an overview of your team’s production.
Other important reports on the team’s performance and activity are just a click away.


1. Home page: Live Activity report

When you sign in to iAdvize, you will immediately access to the reports page, which provides you a real-time view of your team’s activity across all channels and projects. Of course, you have the option of filtering to refine this view.


From the home page, you can quickly detect staffing problems and have a constant view of the conversation queues, with the possibility of releasing a pending or ongoing conversation on the desk of an Advisor who has disconnected incorrectly.

For Managers who monitor the quality of conversations being processed, the Real-time conversations playback interface is ergonomic.

To access it, in the Reporting > Production menu, click on Read to the right of one of your pending or in-going conservations:

You will then access this conversation interface :

It provides information about the conversation and the visitor so that you can better understand the context. You always have the option to send a private note to Counsel to help him with his answers.


2. Easy navigation between the different reports

Thanks to the navigation bar, you can switch from one report to another smoothly and the filters remain selected for easy analysis.


Team management reports (such as Activity and Occupation reports) are grouped into a drop-down menu and the others are accessible with one click.

You also have common filters for all your reports. This allows you to analyze your results more precisely (by group or distribution rule, for example).

The following is an overview of the available reports and their content.
For details of each report, see the dedicated article by clicking on the name of the report.

Name Definition
Live activity Supervise your teams in real-time
Conversations Explore your past conversations
Insights Analyze conversation topics
Customer experience Evaluate customer satisfaction
Automation Monitor & optimize your bots
Sales Follow your transactions
Sales opportunities Estimate your missed transactions

Contacts - activity

Consult the activity of operators
Contacts - responsiveness Consult the responsiveness of operators
Contacts - opportunities Evaluate missed opportunities
Presence - overview Overview of the presentation time
Presence- occupation Check the time of availability
Call Meeting View the number of calls on appointment