Apple Messages for Business (AMB) - Beta - Create an account

Before taking these steps, please contact your iAdvize account team.

1. Create an account on Apple

  • Create a new Business Chat account

  • Accept the Business Chat Policies
Then, configure your account by filling in :
  • The name of your organization
  • The e-mail address of your website
  • The address of your head office

You can choose to create a test account and/or then a production account. Here we choose to create a test account, to which we give the name "Compte de test".

In the case of the creation of a classic account, choose "Commercial account".

Select a Technical contact from your registered members on If you do not find the right contact in the drop-down menu, you will need to create this contact from the main menu.

2. Choose your Messaging Service Provider

Once your new account is created, or if an account already exists, enter the space of the account you wish to configure.

On the Messaging Service Provider menu, click Edit.

In the drop-down menu, type "iAdvize" and select iAdvize. Click "Done".

Then, on the main page of your Business Account, in the Messaging Service Provider section, click on "Test your Messaging Service Provider connection".

On the page that opens, click on the blue "Connect" button. 

Clicking on Connect will open a landing page shared between Apple and iAdvize. On this page, you must enter your iAdvize credentials.
Once you have entered your credentials correctly, validate.
The list of iAdvize projects for which you are administrator is displayed. Make sure you are the administrator of the project (sid) you are interested in iAdvize. To create a connection, you need access to the email associated with the account used for the connection. If you're logging in from the back office, you must choose one of the accounts that has access to the email.

Click on connect the project on which you want to connect your Apple Business Account.
Once completed, you will see your Apple Messages for Business account in iAdvize a few minutes later.

To do this, go to Engagement > Settings > Apple Messages for Business.


Your iAdvize project is now associated with your Apple Messages for Business account. You can proceed to the next steps.

3. Customize your brand identity

This section allows you to customize the conversation experience your users will have.

Still in the account area, in the Brand Identity section, choose : 
  • A square version of your logo: this is the one that will be displayed in the list of your users' messages
  • A rectangular version of your logo: this is what will be displayed to the user in the header of the conversation
  • The background color of your header
  • The color of the buttons ("back" and "information")

4. Customize your brand page

This page appears to the visitor who clicks on (i) in your conversation header.


4.1 Brand information card details

In the Brand Information Card Details section, click on Edit.

You are able to customize: 
  • The brand name that will be displayed to the visitor 
  • The responsiveness displayed to visitors from a list proposed by Apple
  • Your phone number (optional) : if it has been completed, a Call button will be displayed on your card
  • The url of your website (optional) : if it has been filled, a Website button will be displayed on your map
  • Your industry: You can select multiple industries from the list provided by Apple.

4.2 Live Agents Response Hours

In the Live Agent Response Hours section, you can select your Time Zone as well as your days and hours of operation.

Click "Edit" and customize your slots.


5. Apple Account Validation

Once all your profile is completed, you must submit your account to Apple for final approval. This process takes from 1 to 7 days (iAdvize can't intervene in this step).

6. Configuration of the Messaging experience
Your account has been approved ? Congratulations !
Your iAdvize account team will help you to add this channel in the solution and build the messaging experience you want to offer to your visitors.