Apple Messages for Business (AMB) - Beta - Main features

Here we list the additional features specific to Apple Messages for Business.

1. Entry points

Entry points are the elements that allow your visitors to engage with your website on Apple Messages for Business. In addition to a fixed button on your site or in your iOS mobile app, Apple offers innovative entry points.

⚠️ Apple Messages for Business floating buttons are not yet available.

1.1 Messages Suggest

This entry point allows you to direct a visitor who wants to call you to messaging. 
The visitor finds your phone number on your site, or via a search engine.

When clicking on the number, the visitor is offered "Live Agent" and the phone.
When clicking on Live Agent, the visitor's iMessage application opens and he is able to send a message to your website.

The visitor still has the choice to call if he prefers.

You can find the corresponding Apple documentation here:

1.2 Search 
This entry point allows you to show your Business profile with a Messages button when an Apple user searches for your website in the Apple search on their device.

In the Apple area you have the choice to activate the channel or not on each of the following search cases: 
  • Maps
  • Search (Spotlight)
  • Siri

1.3 Maps & Places

This entry point offers Apple users who search/find your business in Maps. A Messages button is displayed on your Business profile when searching in Maps but also on your Places map.

It is up to you to activate or not this feature in your Apple Register space.

2. Expérience de conversation

2.1 Quick Reply

exclamation mark This feature will be delivered by iAdvize in late 2021.

When you offer a multiple-choice question to a visitor, Apple offers quick-answer buttons: with one click on a suggestion, the visitor answers the question.

warning This feature is only available to iOS 15+ users


NB: The question can offer a choice of 1 to 5 items maximum. If your question has more than 5 answers, the visitor will be offered a List Picker

2.2 List Picker

This feature is now the default behavior for satisfaction collection, when enabled. However, this is not the behavior for multiple choice questions.

For the behavior of multiple choice questions, see section 2.5 "Bots on Apple Messages for Business" later in this article.

When you close a conversation, the satisfaction questionnaire is sent, Apple offers the visitor to click on the question and open an answer menu.

In this answer menu, the visitor makes his choice and clicks "send" to validate his answer.

2.3 Business Card Details

Apple users who contact you via Messages have access to your profile in the iMessage application.

This profile is set in your Apple Register space.
The visitor can find:
  • The website name
  • The responsiveness (choose from a list proposed by Apple in your Apple space)
  • Your phone number (optional, if filled a Call button will be displayed on your card)
  • The url of your website (optional, if filled a Website button will be displayed on your card)
  • The sector(s) of activity of your website

  • Your opening and closing days and hours (Optional). In the Live Agent Response Hours section, you can select your Time Zone as well as your days and hours of operation.

2.4 Satisfaction survey

2.5 Bots on Apple Messages for Business

It is recommended to set up a welcome and pre-qualification bot on the Apple Messages for Business channel.

iAdvize bots are compatible with Apple Messages for Business.

You can therefore create your bot directly via the Bot Builder.