Switch from Liveshopping to iAdvize

1. How it works?

Visitors who watched a Live event, can now be targeted for 1:1 conversation.
In case they have further questions, or interest before purchasing a product, then can start a conversation with an online respondent.

Once the visitors have:

- opened an event
- Clicked on a product
- Clicked on an “add to cart” button during live/replay
- Sent a message in chat during live
- Sent a question in chat during live
- Sent a like during live

They can be targeted again and start a 1:1 conversation with an online respondent.




2. Technical implementation

It is necessary to:

1. Include Aploze tag and initialize Aploze with “iAplize” param on your Liveshopping page.


key: "your-domain-key", // Your domain key
container: "#my-showroom", // Where you want to append the showroom
links_target: "_self", // Product page navigation type
iAplize: true // Enable Aploze to iAdvize communication

2. Add the following tag just before your existing iAdvize tag (not only on the Liveshopping page, but on all pages where the iAdvize tag exists).
This script
will read data in the previously created cookie and transform them into custom data to trigger the iAdvize targeting engine :


<!-- iAplize tag (Aploze to iAdvize) -->
!function(e,i){function t(e){try{return JSON.parse((i=e,document.cookie.split(";").map(e=>e.trim())
catch(e){return{}}var i}function n(){var n,r,o,a=t(i.cookieKey);!function(i,t){for(var n in e[t]=e[t]||{},i)
return new Date<new Date(n[e].expires_at)}).reduce(function(e,i){e[[r,i].filter(Boolean).join(o)
.toLowerCase()]=!0;var t=n[i];for(var a in t)e[[r,i,a].filter(Boolean).join(o).toLowerCase()]=t[a];
return e},{})),i.iAdvizeCustomDataKey)}e.addEventListener(i.iAplizeEventName,function(){n(),
<!-- /iAplize tag (Aploze to iAdvize) -->


3. Include the iAdvize tag

⚠️ To make it work, you need to call the additional tag after Aploze.js tag and before iAdvize tag :
Here is the order to respect: 1. Aploze tag => 2. Additional tag => 3. iAdvize tag ⚠️ 


3. iAdvize admin configuration

3.1 Create custom data

1. Click on Engagement > Settings > Custom data
2. Create each Aploze+iAdvize events you will use in your targeting campaign:

Example for the “product_clicked” Aploze event :
1. Data description: define a name, like “Aploze product clicked”
2. Source of the data: select "Javascript setting"
3. Type of data: select "Boolean value"
4. Variable description: "iaplize__product_clicked"
(all Aploze events are prefixed by "iaplize" and followed by 2 underscores "__")


Available iAdvize/ Aploze custom data event names

iAplize custom data name
An event is opened
Click on a product
Click on a “add to cart” button during live/replay
Send a message in chat during live
Send a question in chat during live
Click on like button during live


3.2 Create a targeting rule

1. Click on Engagement > Campaigns


⚠️ We strongly recommend creating a specific iAdvize campaign named “1:1 Live Shopping" which will allow analysis by the data team ⚠️

3. Click on "Create rule" on your existing Aploze campaign
4. Select your Aploze custom data that you previously created (I.E. “Aploze product clicked”)
5. Select the value "True", then click on "Add"

And here you, you can chat with visitors who watched an Aploze event



4. Monitor the performance of Aploze > iAdvize campaigns

We strongly recommend creating a specific iAdvize campaign named “1:1 Live Shopping", so that you can monitor your performance inside the reporting section.